10 Fun Yoga Poses for Two People

Yoga is increasingly becoming popular all over the world. It does not only provide physical benefits by lengthening and stretching the muscles but can also help you reducing stress and finding the inner calm. A solo session can be traditionally great, but if you want to add some variety or try something new, why not try the following fun yoga poses for two people. They would be perfect ways to work out and have fun with your loved ones.


Virabhadrasana or warrior III pose can improve your flexibility, strength, and balance. It works some major muscles such as glutes, abdominals, gastrocnemius, hamstrings, rhomboids, and lats. Firstly, you and your partner should stand facing each other with a space of 4 to 5 feet between. Extend both arms overhead, then hinge forward at your waist. Lift the right leg straight behind the body and keep the hips square to the floor. To keep balance, the other one should lift the left leg. Grab the wrists or hands of the partner while hinging forward and stop when the torsos are parallel to the floor. Your head should face the ground. [1]


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