Exercises for Varicose Veins


People worry a lot when they have varicose veins, but it isn’t a big deal actually. They board a bus, take the train to go sit in a chair for about eight hours almost every day. Then, when they develop varicose veins with feet that don’t feel like their own, they begin to panic. Varicose veins are nothing more than the damming up of your veins with blood due to excessive pressure built up by not moving about for so long. The veins have valves, and your legs have calf muscles that serve as peripheral pumps to push blood up toward your heart when you contract your leg muscles. So, when you sit for long on that bus or cab or spend hours at a desk without as much as shuffling your feet or flexing your legs from time to time, your veins may just become varicose after some time.

However, there’s no cause for alarm when you find your legs feeling like they barely survived the Civil War. You know what the cause of it is, and you can guess how to help your veins out. Yes, you’re right. Get into the exercise mode. It’s normal not to want to engage in any form of physical activity that might stress your leg veins, but you might want to throw that idea out the window. It isn’t any good. Stand up from that seat that probably got your veins in trouble in the first place. Walk out the door in front of you and do some light exercise to get the blood flowing upward. I’ll be suggesting some exercises to help your varicose veins, and perhaps not hurt you too. That’s win-win, right? Thanks, buddy, please hang on.


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