6 Simple Exercises for IT Band

The IT band or iliotibial band is a band of fascia running along the outside of the hip. It extends to the outer shinbone and knee. The main role of this part is to coordinate with some thigh muscles to ensure stability in the knee joint. When inflammation occurs, it leads to IT band syndrome, also known as runner’s knee. The condition is quite common in cyclists, hikers, and weightlifters. Fortunately, you can try the following exercises to improve the strength and flexibility of the muscles around the IT band and prevent other problems in the future.

1Seated Spinal Twist

This exercise can alleviate tightness in the outer thighs, hips, and spine. Stability and posture may be improved when you open the chest and shoulders as well. Start with sitting on the ground. Bend the right leg and put the right foot on the left hip’s outside. Next, bend the left leg and put the left foot flat on the ground on the right thigh’s outside. Breathing out while twisting the lower body to the left. Put the right fingertips on the ground and bend the hips. Wrap the elbow around the knee and gaze over the back shoulder. Try to stay in this position for 60 seconds and then do the opposite side. [1]


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