Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Prognosis

Multiple myeloma is a form of cancer that affects plasma cells or white blood cells. Though the condition can be managed through different treatment options, there are still chances that the symptoms recur and cause a relapse. In these cases, it is important to inform your healthcare provider as soon as possible to find the right treatment. In this guide, we will show you some important things about the predicted course of disease or prognosis in people with relapsed multiple myeloma.

1Indicators of Relapsed Multiple Myeloma Prognosis

The presence of several symptoms does not always indicate a relapsed multiple myeloma. Instead, there are some indicators set up by international organizations. The list includes:

– Hypercalcemia more than 11 mg/dL

– A definite rise in the size of bone lesions or plasmacytomas

– Increase in serum creatinine by more than 2 mg/dL from the beginning of the therapy

– Drop in hemoglobin by more than 2 g/dL that is not associated with therapy and non-myeloma-related issues

– Hyperviscosity associated with serum protein

– Increase in serum M-protein by more than 0.5 g/dL

– Increase in urine M-protein by more than 200/24 hours

While these are the main indicators of relapsed multiple myeloma, your doctor will need additional information to determine its presence. Your medical history and the experience of the doctor will decide whether you need to re-start or change the treatment. [1]


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