15 Most Common Forms of Phobia

Are you terrified of the sliding serpents? Do you feel scared of scary crawlies? Well, you aren’t alone because phobias are among the most common psychiatric illnesses among in humans. These conditions often emerge during adolescence or childhood and keep occurring throughout adulthood. Also, they tend to affect women more than men. There are many reasons why phobias happen, including behavioral and evolutionary theories. Whatever the causes, they can be treated or minimized with behavioral and cognitive medication and therapy techniques. Here are the top 15 most common phobias that you need to watch for.


As the name suggests, arachnophobia is the phobia about fear of spiders and arachnids. This condition is quite common since it affects around 33% of women and 25% men. Looking at a spider could cause a fear reaction, but in a few cases, a simple image or thought of the animal would also result in a feeling of overwhelming panic and fear. A common explanation for this phobia is that such creature once posed a significant threat to ancient humans who lacked technological tools and medical knowledge to deal with injuries from them. As a result, gradual evolution led to a tendency to fear arachnids. [1]


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