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Autism Causes & Risk Factors

Autism spectrum disorder, commonly known as autism, is a condition that affects the normal development of the brain. The term “spectrum” means that there is a wide range of signs and severity. It changes how people perceive and socialize with others, thus leading to many issues in social communication and interaction. Autism can also cause repetitive and limited patterns of behavior. It occurs in early childhood and gradually develops during a lifetime. In this post, we will show you some causes and risk factors for autism.


Studies have shown that some genetic factors can be involved in autism. In children, this health condition would be related to fragile X syndrome or Rett syndrome, a genetic disorder. In some other cases, mutations or genetic changes would increase the risk of developing the symptoms and leading to some changes in brain activities. There are many reasons for these causes, but it is almost impossible to avoid them. Parents can have some tests to determine the health and condition of their babies during pregnancy to reduce the risk. [1]