15 Warning Sign and Symptom of Depression

Sometimes we feel lonely, sad, or depressed, which is not an abnormal reaction to injured self-esteem, loss, or life’s struggles. However, these feelings might become staggering, leading to several physical symptoms, which might make it challenging to lead a healthy, active life if it lasts for a long period.

At this point, you need to seek medical assistance. Your healthcare provider is a perfect starting point, where you will be tested and guided on how well to manage these disturbing symptoms. Ignoring the symptoms of depression might only make it worse, as these symptoms last for several months and years. Besides, studies have shown that 1 of every 10 individuals dealing with depression experience severe pain, and possibly, suicide.

Therefore, it’s paramount to identify these symptoms to be able to get started with treatment and lead a healthy, active life.

1Physical Pain

Most people who are often depressed complain of physical pain. Limb pain, joint pain, and back pain are symptoms you should look out for in a depressed patient. These pain can become severe if left untreated.

Studies explain the link between depression and pain, as both share a neurologic pathway. This means if physical symptoms will become worse, the depression becomes severe.

If you experience pain in your neck, back, or any other parts of the body more frequently than usual, don’t be in a rush to brush this off. It might be the sign warning you of a lurking depression beneath the surface. [1]


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