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9 Essential Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy targets to modify our pattern of thought, attitudes, the beliefs we perhaps or not be aware we hold, and most of all our behavior, to enable us to face our challenges while striving towards our dreams and goals.

Today, several techniques are used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, of which they are now spread from the context of therapy to our everyday lives. These nine techniques which will be discussed below are some of the most popular and effective Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practices.


This technique has to do with gathering data about our thoughts and our moods. In the journal, the time of the feeling or attitude, the intensity or extent, why it popped up in your mind, and how you responded to the idea. Using this technique can help you figure out our emotional tendencies and thought patterns. Also, it helps describe them, and shows us how to change, cope, or adapt with them. [1]