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Common Signs & Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

It is normal to experience baby blues after giving birth. However, around 10% to 20% of the cases develop into a more severe condition known as postpartum depression or PPD. This issue might put your babies’ well-being and your health at risk. Thus, it might require professional treatment to avoid further complications. Though the underlying causes of this condition are still unknown, it might be associated with the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Below are some common signs of postpartum depression you need to know.

Mood Swings

Emotional episodes and mood swings are common signs of postpartum depression. The best way for your doctor to make a precise diagnosis is to keep a daily journal. Make sure to write down how you feel and your emotions at different times of the day. Watch out for the following emotions: anxiety, panic attacks, snapping or anger, unexplained or unreasonable fear, irritability, extreme sadness, crying spells, as well as hopeless or overwhelmed feelings. They would occur at various times and disappear quickly without your awareness. [1]