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Social Anxiety Disorder – Causes & Symptoms

Social anxiety disorder or social phobia is a form of anxiety disorder that triggers extreme fear in many social situations. It tends to cause many difficulties in daily lives, such as gathering with friends, talking with people, or meeting a new person. People with this condition are often afraid of being scrutinized or judged by others. Although they realize the disorder, it is impossible to avoid it. It is estimated that up to millions of people are facing this mental issue. Keep reading to learn more about the causes and symptoms of social anxiety disorder.

8 Causes of Social Anxiety Disorder


Just like many mental issues, social anxiety disorder tends to run in family. This means that a person with parents or siblings who experience the symptoms would be at a higher risk. However, the possibilities can vary a lot, depending on many factors. Scientists haven’t discovered any specific genetic makeup that would lead to social anxiety disorder yet. What they have found are some particular chromosomes associated with other anxiety disorders like panic disorder or agoraphobia. Make sure to have regular health checks to detect the symptoms early. [1]