Social Anxiety Disorder – Diagnosis & Treatments

Social anxiety disorder is excessive emotional worry, fear, or discomfort about some specific social settings. People with this condition tend to be worried about being scrutinized or judged by other people. This leads to an increased fear of communication or interaction in daily work or study. Sometimes, social anxiety disorder is often called social phobia. Nearly 10 percent of people in the US have dealt with this condition. In the next sections, we’ll show you some common methods to diagnose and treat social anxiety disorder effectively.

1Social Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis

Initial Diagnosis

It is important to know that physical exams and lab tests cannot be used for diagnosing a social anxiety disorder. Similar to other mental issues, it will be based on some standards that are set by the APA or the American Psychiatric Association. During an appointment, the doctor will review all of the information about your mental and physical health history, any symptoms, drugs or medications you took, and other experiences in your personal life. Based on these details, he or she would evaluate the underlying causes and levels of intensity. [1]


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