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Epilepsy – Symptoms & Causes

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes abnormal activities in the central nervous system. It is characterized by seizures, loss of awareness, or bouts of unusual behavior. The condition can occur in anyone, from females and males to different ages, ethnicities, and races. Symptoms and cases can vary a lot, depending on the person. However, understanding these factors can be important in deciding the right treatment options. Below are some common symptoms and causes of epilepsy that you should know.

6 Symptoms of Epilepsy

Muscle Contraction

One of the most typical symptoms of epilepsy is the contraction of different muscle groups on the body. The most commonly affected parts include legs and arms. Sometimes, it can involve the quick alternation between relaxation and contraction, or twitching and jerking, of the muscle. This condition is caused when electrical activities in the brain change unexpectedly within a short period, usually several seconds. Depending on the cause and intensity, contraction can occur in an isolated part of the whole body, which might lead to a sudden fall on the ground. [1]