Epilepsy – Diagnosis & Treatment

Epilepsy is a serious chronic neurological disorder that triggers recurrent, unprovoked seizures, which are unexpected changes in the brain’s electrical activity. Depending on the type, people with this condition would have different signs. While older adults and young children tend to be at the highest risk, anyone would develop epilepsy. There is still no cure for this health issue, but some strategies can help alleviate its symptoms. Below are some common diagnostic techniques and treatment options for epilepsy that you should know.

1Epilepsy Diagnosis


An electroencephalogram or EEG is the most common method to diagnose epilepsy. During this procedure, the doctor will attach electrodes to the scalp with a cap or paste-like substance. These devices can record the electrical activities in the brain. People with epilepsy tend to change abnormal changes in their brain waves. In general, your healthcare provider tends to monitor on video while performing an EEG when you are asleep or awake. This would help them find out the type of seizures or rule out some other similar conditions. The test can be done in the hospital or in a doctor’s office. [1]


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