10 Types of Brain Tumors

A brain tumor is a mass or group of abnormal cells in the brain. Since the skull that encloses this organ is extremely rigid, any uncontrolled growth inside this limited area would lead to many health issues. A brain tumor might benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). When it grows, the mass would increase the pressure in the skull and result in brain damage or other life-threatening complications. Symptoms and treatment options can vary, depending on the exact form. Read on to learn more about 10 different types of brain tumors.


Oligodendroglioma is a tumor that develops in brain glial cells. It is grade 2 and tends to grow gradually. Over time, this tumor can spread to infiltrate around your brain tissues, making it nearly impossible to remove completely with surgical procedures. In some cases, an oligodendroglioma would spread around the cerebrospinal fluid pathways. However, it rarely develops outside your spinal cord or brain. If left treated, this condition might become worse over time. Only 2% of brain tumor cases are oligodendrogliomas. [1]


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