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10 Symptoms of Brain Tumor

A brain tumor is a growth or mass of abnormal cells in the brain. There is a variety of brain tumors, which can be malignant or benign. Basically, they can directly occur in the brain or start in other body parts and spread to this essential organ. The rate of spreading would vary a lot, depending on the form and your health condition. This also determines the treatment options. Below are the top 10 symptoms of a brain tumor that everyone should know.

Headache Changes

A simple headache is quite common. But when this condition changes in intensity and frequency, it would be indicative of a possible tumor in your brain. In fact, up to 50% of reported cases suffer from worsening headaches over time. When the tumor grows in size, it would place more pressure on blood vessels and sensitive nerves. This leads to new patterns that you have never faced before. For instance, you would have constant pain, feel more pain in the morning, or don’t feel improvements after taking OTC medications. Make sure to consult your doctor as soon as possible for early treatments. [1]