8 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatments You Should Be Aware of

Are you feeling the numbness or tingling in your wrist or hand for months? Then you might be facing the carpal tunnel syndrome, a painful condition triggered by irritation or compression of key nerves in your wrist. In most cases, it can result in weakness, tingling, pain, and numbness in your hand and wrist. Repetitive sprains or strains, arthritis, unusual wrist anatomy, fractures, and other conditions would reduce the spaces within your carpal tunnel and increase the risks of the disease. Fortunately, there are many ways you can try to deal with it. Here are the top 8 carpal tunnel treatments you should know.

1Wear a Wrist Splint

Wearing a semi-rigid wrist splint, brace or support during the day could help prevent some symptoms of the condition because they keep your wrist in a good position and keep it from flexing. Also, wrist braces or splints should be worn during possibly aggravating activities, including bowling, driving, carrying groceries, and keyboard typing. Wearing these units when you are sleeping could help alleviate the occurrence of symptoms during the night, especially if you often tuck your hands into the body.

You might have to wear wrist splints or supports for a few weeks (night and day) to get considerable relief from carpal tunnel symptoms. For some people, however, supports only offer negligible benefits. This is especially a good idea for pregnant people because pregnancy often increases swelling in their hands. You can buy wrist braces or supports at most medical supply shops and pharmacies. [1]


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