Separated Shoulder – Symptoms and Causes

A separated shoulder is an injury that occurs in the acromioclavicular joint located on the top part of your shoulder. Three bones form the shoulder joint, including the arm bone, shoulder blade, and collarbone. When this joint is affected by a blow or unexpected force, it leads to a separated shoulder, which is also known as an AC separation or acromioclavicular joint separation. Read on to learn more about the symptoms and causes of this injury.

1Symptoms of A Separated Shoulder

Shoulder Pain

The most common sign of a separated shoulder is pain around this area. It is often serious at the time of getting injured. You would notice the sensation at all times or only when you apply pressure or move the shoulder. This pain is caused by inflammation and irritation at the junction of the shoulder blade and collarbone on top of your shoulder. Although many people often suffer from generalized aching sensations around their joints, the pain can be very localized to the acromioclavicular joint. [1]


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