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Signs and Symptoms of Shoulder Pain

The shoulder tends to have a versatile and wide range of motion. Any problem with this part would affect your ability to move the body freely. Even more, it might lead to a lot of discomfort and pain. People can experience shoulder pain after doing some physical activities, having repetitive movements, or playing sports. The condition can also be a sign of several diseases, such as gallbladder issues, cervical spine, or heart and liver disease. Below are 7 common signs and symptoms of shoulder pain that you need to know.

Achy Sensation

The most common symptom of shoulder pain is the achy and dull sensation around the area. You might have the pain deep in the socket or around the back of the shoulder. In addition, it tends to become achy gradually or be intense in the beginning and subset over time. A possible cause of this condition is the wearing down of the cartilage and tendons in your shoulder. It can also be triggered by a rotator cuff tear or a superior labral tear from posterior to anterior tear. In many cases, achy and deep pain in the shoulder would come from bicep tendonitis or glenohumeral osteoarthritis, which are common conditions in older people. [1]