Early Signs of Osteopenia

Osteopenia is a condition characterized by low bone density. People with this health issue can be at a higher risk of breaking their bones from physical activities. While it is not a disease, osteopenia is often seen as a precursor of osteoporosis, which would cause stopped posture, fractures, pain, and serious loss of height. You can take certain measures to prevent osteopenia with the right food options and exercise. In this guide, we will take a look at the early signs of osteopenia to help you detect and get the right treatment options.

1Brittle Fingernails

Nail strength would indicate bone health. Brittle fingernails can be triggered by nutrition and hormonal changes. Both of these factors are associated with osteopenia. In general, this sign is often reported in those with the condition during the first few months. However, it is not simple to diagnose the condition based on your fingernails. Many lifestyle factors can be possible causes, such as gardening, swimming, and other daily activities. Keep in mind to consult your doctor to get the best diagnosis. Thus, nails that easily chip, split, break, or curl should be considered carefully and reported to your doctor to rule out the possibility of osteopenia.[1]


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