7 Home Remedies for Shoulder Pain

From all the joints in the human body, the shoulder is the most versatile and hard-working joint. This is because the shoulder is the joint of the hand which is mobile and is used for day to day activities. If you carry a briefcase to work, your school bag to school or if you play sports such as basketball, long tennis, table tennis, hockey, etc., or work in your garden, clean the house, paint the walls or do some house chores or you are a granny who loves lifting your grandchildren onto the monkey bar and catching them at the bottom the slide- all these are done with the use of shoulder. You can’t help but notice that nagging achy shoulder pain.

But do you know you can put a stop to this pain right at home? Here are 7 home remedies for shoulder pain.

1Icing and Heating

You can solve your shoulder pain by either a hot compress or heating pad for at least 15 minutes on several occasions daily, or applying an ice pack to the shoulder for at least 15 minutes, several times daily. You could choose any of this tow depending on which works best for you for pain relief.

For example, a cold park inside a pillowcase for ten minutes can be cool. It should be noted that ice should not be left in direct contact with the skin for over 5 minutes due to the genuine possibility of frostbite.

For the heating, an electric hot pack can be used but should be set on medium heat not high heat level. [1]


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