10 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Foot Pain

Our feet are responsible for carrying us from one place to another, yet little or no attention is paid to them until they start to hurt. Whether it is because of your undying love for shoes and high heels, or a hard fall that happened a couple of months ago, foot pain can be annoying to handle. Every step you take is a constant reminder of the nothing short of pain, and thus this torture requires treatment as soon as possible.

Here is a comprehensive list of 9 simple home remedies to help treat foot pain for almost instant relief.


These home remedies take a resemblance to cold and hot immersion therapy for alleviating sore muscles. This method is excellent for mitigating pain, swelling and facilitate blood circulation throughout your feet. Warm and cold water causes vasodilation and vasoconstriction. Therefore, alternating these two water ensures stagnant fluid responsible for inflammation start flowing.

To start with, take a seat on your tub’s edge and let the warm water flow over your feet freely for the next 180 seconds. Then, alternate with cold water at a bearable temperature for another 180 seconds. Keep doing alternation for about six times between the two temperatures. [1]


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