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15 Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Having a high level of cholesterol could increase the risks of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or arteries hardening. Fortunately, you can lower cholesterol and improve overall health by making positive changes in your lifestyle. One of these is your daily diet. There are many kinds of food that can increase or decrease your cholesterol level. To help you make good decisions and go in the right direction, this post will show you the top 15 foods that lower cholesterol.


Strawberries feature LDL-lowering properties due to their high level of fiber. More importantly, many studies have shown that the anthocyanin in this type of fruit, which is a pigment that creates the red color, might also reduce the amount of bad cholesterol. If you eat 2 cups of berries or 16 pieces per day for one month, the LDL level will drop by nearly 15%, while the level of good cholesterol or HDL, will remain unchanged. Ideally, you can choose to eat the whole berries or make juices out of them. Another option to consider is to add them in your smoothies or Greek yogurt to enhance flavor and taste. [1]