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Health Benefits of Strawberries

Originated in Europe around three centuries ago, strawberries are a hybrid of two wide strawberry varieties from South and North America. They are typically sweet, juicy, and bright red. People around the world love these fruits because they are tasty and nutritious. Strawberries are often consumed fresh and raw or added to various desserts, jellies, and jams. This article shows you 10 scientifically-backed health benefits of strawberries.

Prevent Cancer

Cancer is a condition caused by uncontrolled and abnormal growth of the body cells. The formation and development of cancer tumors are usually associated with chronic inflammation and oxidative stress. Many studies have shown that strawberries help prevent some forms of cancer by fighting against inflammation and oxidative stress. These protective effects can be attributed to ellagitannins and ellagic acid, which can stop cancer cells from progressing and spreading. Adding strawberries into your diet can help reduce the risk of liver cancer, mouth cancer, and several other forms. [1]