Living with Osteoporosis – 8 Exercises to Strengthen Your Bones

Our bones constantly break down and rebuild. However, osteoporosis can speed up this process and lead to a quicker loss of bone cells, which eventually changes the overall structure and posture of the body. Many people, especially older people, tend to experience a fracture due to this health condition. Fortunately, physical exercises can help reduce the risk and rebuild bones. Below are some recommendations to help you deal with osteoporosis.

1Bicep Curl

A bicep curl can be done with either a resistance band or dumbbells in different weights, ranging from one to five pounds. Depending on your personal preference, you can perform the exercise in a standing or seated position. Start with stepping on the resistance band with each hand holding each or holding each dumbbell in each hand. Pulling in the dumbbells or the band to the chest so that the bicep muscles located on the fronts of the upper arms can contract properly. Next, lower the arms gradually and return to the starting position. Keep doing the same in at least 10 times, then take a rest. If possible, you can do another set. [1]


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