Mammograms – What You Need to Know

1What Is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is a form of X-ray for the breast. It is typically done by a doctor as part of a routine screening. The results may help form a baseline of what is normal and diagnose early signs of certain conditions, especially breast cancer. A mammogram is often suggested when you are symptomatic. In the next sections, we’ll provide more information that you need to know about a mammogram and what you should prepare before this procedure. [1]

Why A Mammogram Is Done?

Mammograms are specially designed to help identify any changes in your breast and cancerous cells. This test can be done for two main purposes:

– Screening mammograms: The test can help identify abnormal changes in the breast that would be associated with cancer in those without clear signs. The main goal is to detect a lump when it is still small. Talk with your doctor to determine what is the best time for you to do a screening mammogram.

– Diagnostic mammograms: This test can also be used to examine suspicious changes in your breast, such as nipple discharge, nipple thickening, an abnormal skin appearance, breast pain, or a new mass in the breast. In addition, it can be done when your doctor found unusual results on a screen mammogram. [2]


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