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Osteoporosis Causes & Risk Factors

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that causes the bones to lose density and strength. This leads to thinner and weaker bones, which would eventually affect your daily lives. People of all age groups can be affected, but the issue is more common in women and older people. Those individuals tend to be at a higher risk of having bone breaks or fractures during physical activities. Spine, wrists, hips, and ribs are mostly affected parts. Below are major risk factors and causes of osteoporosis that you should know.


Age is probably the biggest risk factor for osteoporosis. During the lifetime, old bones are broken down and new bones are grown. Nevertheless, this process starts to change after you reach 30 years old. From that point, the body begins to break down bones more quickly than it is able to replace with new bones. As a result, your bones become more fragile and less dense, making it more susceptible to breakage.[1]