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10 Calcium Deficiency Signs & Symptoms

We are all aware that calcium is one of the essential minerals responsible for healthy teeth and bones. However, not everyone knows that this mineral is not only vital for children but also for adults as well. Whether you are a kid or a senior, calcium is an important substance known for providing individuals with more energy, improve muscle function and contribute to the normal blood clotting.

Equally, calcium is necessary for the proper function of several organs in the body such as the heart including other muscles. In a situation when we don’t get the right amount of calcium, you may be at the peril of several health complications such as hypocalcemia (calcium deficiency disease), osteopenia and osteoporosis.

What Are The Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency?

Although the early stage of hypocalcemia may not result in any health complication, it is bound to happen as the deficiency progresses.

Extreme symptoms of calcium deficiency include:

A deficiency in calcium can affect all body part, which often brings about slower hair growth, weak nails, and thin, fragile skin.

Also, the mineral plays a vital role in both muscle contraction and neurotransmitter release. Therefore, not consuming the right amount of calcium may lead to seizures even in healthy people.

Note, whenever you start noticing some slight neurological symptoms such as tingling and numbness, memory loss, seizures or hallucination – visit your healthcare provider as soon as you start experiencing them immediately.