10 Muscle Cramps(Leg Cramp) Remedies You Should Know

Muscle cramps, also known as Charley horses or muscle spasms, are involuntary, sustained, and sudden contractions of groups of muscles. The affected areas will get hard and tight and are always very painful, which might keep you from moving or doing other physical activities. This condition could occur to any muscles, but most often in the foot and calf during the night when you are sleeping. Other muscles prone to cramping include abdominal, rib, hands, arms, hamstrings, and thigh. Fortunately, it can be alleviated with some simple tricks. Here are the top 10 muscle cramps remedies that you should know.

1Stretching the Muscles

Overuse of muscles, injuries, or exercising could usually result in leg cramps. We might be cramped within minutes or many hours after training or performing any physical activities. Whenever you face with this health issue, make sure to stretch and warm up your muscles. Start with the legs or the calf where you stand with a raised platform. Allow your heels to hang from the edge. When you push down the heels, your calves might feel stretching more intense. Do similar to your hamstrings and quadriceps to get the same benefits. Avoid stretching when your muscles are cold because it would increase the risks of injuries. [1]


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