Avulsion Fracture Causes & Treatments

An avulsion fracture is a crack or break occurring in the bone that attaches to a ligament or tendon. This causes the tissues to pull away. This type of injury can happen in those who often play sports. The most commonly affected bones include the ankle, hip, and elbow. Sometimes, you would have this fracture in other bones like knee, shoulder, finger, or hand. Read on this post to learn more about the causes and treatments for an avulsion fracture.

1Causes of Avulsion Fracture

Trauma is the main cause of an avulsion fracture. It often occurs when a bone moves one away, which suddenly pulls a ligament or tendons in the opposite direction. When the bone fractures, the ligament or tendon attaching to this part will pull the fragment away from others. Some people are at a higher risk of having an avulsion fracture. These include:

– Athletes: Sports with quick direction changes, plenty of twisting, and high impact can increase the risk of avulsion fractures.

– Dancers: These people can be more prone to an avulsion fracture, especially in the feet. This is because they often put lots of pressure on the feet and have frequent sudden movements.

– Children: Sometimes growth spurts would lead to avulsion fractures. The ligaments or tendons surrounding the parts of the bones that are growing might pull excessively and cause the fracture. Those who often play sports can be at a higher risk. [1]


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