Does a Bone Density Test Show Arthritis

1What Is a Bone Density Test?

A bone density test is procedure often used for measuring the mineral density, or the strength, of bones in the lumbar spine and hip area. Similar to an X-ray, it tends to be painless and does not require any special preparation or medication. The results may help your doctor determines whether you would have osteoporosis, a disease characterized by weakened bones and a high risk of bone fractures. [1]

How Is a Bone Density Test Performed?

During a bone density test, you can simply lie on a table or a bench. The whole procedure usually lasts around 15 minutes and requires no special medication or preparation. It can be done in the office of your healthcare provider when they have the right equipment. Or you would need to visit a specialized testing center. Several health clinics and pharmacies are also equipped with scanning machines. Two types of bone density test are available:

– Peripheral bone density test is to exam bones in the heel, fingers, wrist, or forearm. It is often used to determine whether you need a central bone density test.

РCentral bone density test can be used to scan the spine, hip, and torso’s bones. You should lie on the table while the doctor runs an X-ray machine. [2]


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