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What’s Causing My Collarbone Pain

The clavicle or collarbone is the part that connects the sternum with the shoulder. It has an S-shape and is quite solid. Collarbone pain is not a common health issue caused by different reasons, such as bone infection, arthritis, fracture, or other conditions. If you feel sudden pain after a sports injury, accident, or trauma, it is important to go to the emergency room immediately. This article highlights the 7 most common causes of collarbone pain.


The collarbone is one of the bones that are most susceptible to fracture. Heavy force on an outstretched shoulder or arm would simply break or injure the part. Some activities usually result in fractured or broken collarbones, including vehicle accidents, birth, and contact sports like basketball, martial arts, or football. Pain caused by this trigger often begins unexpectedly and becomes worse when you move the shoulder. There might be a clicking sound or grinding feeling as well. Other symptoms include stiffness, bruising, swelling, and tenderness. A physical exam and an X-ray can help diagnose a broken collarbone. Depending on the severity, there are many treatment options. These include wearing a sling or brace and surgery. [1]