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10 Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

If you feel tingling sensation or numbness in your arms or your hands for months, and the conditions only get worse over time, then you might suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. These conditions often happen when there is a pressure or pinch on your median nerve which is located between the forearm and pal. As a result, it might cause some issues like tingling, pain, or inflammation that make it difficult for you to play the musical instrument, vibrate hand tools, or other manual tasks. Here are the top 10 carpal tunnel symptoms that you need to watch out for.

Tingling sensation

One of the most common signs of carpal tunnel is the tingling feeling in your hand or fingers such as the ring, middle, and index ones, but not the little finger. In some cases, you might have a sensation like the electric shock in those fingers, which can travel from your wrist to your arm. The condition might worsen when you do some manual tasks like holding the steering wheel or carrying an item. In some cases, the condition might be so intense that it would wake you up from sleep. [1]