12 Signs & Symptoms of Diabetes

It is crucial that we eat. Foods help keep our bodies active and energetic; they are the body’s fuel. But wait a minute, have you ever wondered how food helps to keep your body healthy? When you eat, a lot of processes go on to break down your food, circulate it and get rid of the wastage. The body breaks down the foods into blood glucose or blood sugar which is transferred into your cells as energy through insulin. Insulin is released by the pancreas to help the body store and use glucose as energy. But trouble looms when the pancreas produces little or no insulin or when the body does not respond to insulin appropriately. This results in too much sugar in the blood, which is called diabetes. Diabetes has different types – Pre-diabetes, Type 1 diabetes, Type 2 diabetes. Here, we will look at the signs and symptoms of diabetes.

1Frequent Urination

When you seem to be urinating more than the amount of water you have taken in, know that it is likely diabetes has set in. Diabetes is one hell of a disease that sends you to the restroom more than usual. You suddenly develop this increased need to urinate even when you have not taken much water. This is because the excess glucose in your body ends up in your urine due to the inability of your kidney to reabsorb the sugar and direct it back to your bloodstream. The excess sugar pulls more water from your tissues into your urine, making you urinate more — this symptom cuts across all types of diabetes. [1]


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