10 Hypothyroidism Symptoms

The thyroid is a small gland located on your windpipe. It is responsible for producing a type of hormone which controls the metabolism growth of the body. Hypothyroidism, or the low level of thyroid hormone, is one of the most serious thyroid disorders that could slow your metabolism and decrease the repair or growth of many body’s parts. This condition could result in a variety of symptoms and signs. This article will help you understand and recognize those effects.

Keep reading to learn more about the top 10 hypothyroidism.

1Hair Loss

Just like other cells, your hair follicles are controlled by thyroid hormones. Since they feature stem cells with a quick turnover and short lifespan, they are more susceptible to low levels of thyroid than the others. Hypothyroidism cause your hair follicles to stop producing, thus leading to hair loss. This would only improve when you treat the thyroid issues. In addition, some studies have shown that this health problem might result in the coarsening of your hair. So if you suffer from unexpected changes in the pattern or rate of your hair loss, especially when it gets coarser or patchy, consider hypothyroidism. [1]


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