Hypernatremia Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Everything we consume needs to be balanced, as a shortage on one side leads to complications and excess on the other side also brings a problem. It is indisputable that sodium is good for the body and it is necessary for the balance of fluids in the body and even for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. But when the sodium level in the body is too high, we have a severe health complication called hypernatremia. How does the sodium level get high? When you consume too much salt or foods high in sodium. This medical condition develops as a result of dehydration and an imbalance in electrolytes. We will be looking at the causes, symptoms, and treatments of hypernatremia.


Excessive loss of water from the urinary tract

One of the significant causes of hypernatremia is the loss of water. We lose water every day through different organs in the body. Removing water from the urinary tract is one of the many ways the body gets rid of excess water. But what seems to be a normal process becomes abnormal once it seems you are losing too much of this vital body water. It is expedient to pass out urine from the body because it is a way the body gets rid of toxins and harmful substances. But a huge problem occurs when you are passing out more than you are taking in. [1]


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