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Elevated Liver Enzymes: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Tips

Elevated liver enzymes might suggest damage or inflammation to liver cells. When this condition happens, it might lead to a higher level of some chemical than usual in the bloodstream. Some commonly elevated liver enzymes include ALT, AST, ALP, and GGT. In most cases, it is only temporary and mild. The issue can be diagnosed easily with regular blood testing. This guide will show you some causes, symptoms, and treatment tips for this health issue.

4 Causes of Elevated Liver Enzymes

Alcohol Abuse

Excessive consumption of alcohol is one of the most leading causes of elevated liver enzymes and other associated problems. Alcoholic drinks contain many chemicals that are difficult to break down by your liver. As a result, those substances will accumulate and affect the production of liver enzymes. If you consume them for an extended period, it would lead to many life-threatening conditions such as inflammation and swelling of this organ. Ideally, you should drink no more than 1 or 2 portions on a daily basis to prevent the harmful effects of those drinks. [1]