10 Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse, is a disorder in which you consume too much alcoholic drink that eventually leads to addiction or dependence. People with this condition can’t control their desires for drinking. This results in many negative consequences, including social issues and health problems. Below are 10 common signs that you can often spot in alcohol abuse cases.

1Alcohol Tolerance

Tolerance is one of the most common symptoms of alcohol abuse. This typically happens when the body gets used to consuming a specific amount of alcohol with repeating frequency. This means that you might need 7 or even 8 drinks rather than 2 or 3 drinks to feel intoxicated. In other words, you will need to consume more wine or beer to have the same effects as before. Make sure to take note of how many times you drink each week and how much you consume on these occasions. Fortunately, it is possible to lower alcohol tolerance and other health risks quite simply on your own. [1]


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