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10 Reasons to Do Burpees

Burpees are among those exercises which everybody often avoids, but they might provide many benefits. Indeed, you will encounter burpees everywhere for good reason. They are actually one of the most functional and efficient options that you can do. There are many forms of burpees, which might include a push up, a plank, or a tuck jump. The number of varieties is nearly endless with different exercises and techniques. Regardless of your options, here are some great reasons to do burpees.

Work Out the Whole Body

Unlike other isolation exercises such as triceps kickbacks or biceps curls, burpees are full-body activities. This means that you can work every muscle group in the whole body, which helps improve overall fitness and well-being. From shoulders and belly to legs and knees, you can make sure no parts are left behind with your burpees sections. In addition, these exercises can even benefit your mental aspects. Many studies have shown that burpees would stimulate the production of endorphins, a substance that can make you feel happy and optimistic in daily activities. [1]