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Facts about Metabolism

Metabolism is a complicated system that determines how efficiently and quickly the body turns calories into energy. In other words, it refers to all chemical reactions that keep our body functioning and alive. The term metabolism is usually interchangeably used with metabolic rate. The higher number means the more burning calories. Having a high level of metabolism would also make you feel energetic and healthier. Here are the top 10 facts about metabolism everyone needs to know.

Metabolism is in every body’s cell

Many people often talk about metabolism as an organ or muscle in the body that they would control or flex. However, this term actually describes a chain of chemical reactions in all cells that transform the digested calories into energy to keep your function properly. It is the culmination of various tissues with various needs and the number of calories it needs to keep them alive. The major organs, including heart, kidneys, liver, and brain, account for more than 50% of the burned energy at rest. The rest amount is used by muscles, digestive system, and fat. [1]