How to Put on & Remove a Face Mask?

Wearing a face mask is a simple yet very effective way to prevent the spread of an infectious condition or flu. Designed with many layers, it can serve as a protective cover to keep your respiratory system safe from bacteria or viruses. This is especially important when you have to go out in the public frequently during the outbreak of a pandemic. However, not everyone knows how to use it effectively. Read on to learn the right way to put on and remove a face mask.

1What is Face Mask?

As the name implies, a face mask is a loose-fitting or tight-fitting mask that can be used for covering the face. This can help protect your noses and mouth from getting any harmful elements in the surrounding environment, such as dust, debris, vehicle fumes, toxic chemicals, viruses, and bacteria. Healthcare providers and doctors often wear them to prevent the spread of infection. A face mask typically has bands or ties or ear loops to help you cover the whole mouth and nose. While there are many products available, make sure to choose those that are approved by public health authorities. [1]


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