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Healthy Tattoo Aftercare Guide

A tattoo is more than a way to show off your style and a piece of art. It also is a medical procedure that involves the inserting of a needle under the skin. Anytime the skin is opened, the body can be at risk of infections and scarring. That’s why it is important to care for this area to ensure it can heal properly and prevent possible complications. Read on this guide to learn useful tips for healthy tattoo after guide.

How to Care for a Tattoo

Tattoo aftercare should begin as soon as the procedure is completed. The artist first needs to apply a layer of petroleum ointment and cover the tattoo with a plastic wrap or bandage. This can help prevent bacteria from penetrating the body and protect the tattoo from irritations or contact with clothes. You can remove this bandage after several hours and wash the area with soap and warm water. Dry the skin before covering it with a soft cloth. [1]