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What Is a Hair Gloss Treatment?

What Is a Hair Gloss Treatment and Who Is Suitable for It?

A hair gloss treatment is a form of hair treatment that boosts shine. Hair glosses contain some active ingredients, such as amodimethicone and behentrimonium chloride, which can make your hair softer and shinier. In addition, this procedure may improve hair health. That’s why many people choose it over hair dye, which may result in dryness and hair damage. The results are semi-permanent and may add texture and volume to your hair as well. [1]

A hair gloss treatment is suitable for people with color hair, from dyed and highlighted to bleached. Those with colored strands that look dull or have damage to any degree may benefit from this procedure. Although a hair gloss treatment is specially designed for colored hair, individuals with virgin hair can also choose this option to change their hair color subtly. Overall, you should talk with your hair stylist to see whether you may use it. [2]