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What Is a Hair Gloss Treatment?

Types of Hair Gloss Treatments and Hair Gloss versus Hair Glaze

If you are considering a hair gloss treatment, make sure to have a basic understanding about it. In general, there are two types that can suit different hair’s needs. These include:

– Color gloss can add shine as well as change or refresh the color hue to prevent and combat dullness

– A clear gloss treatment is mainly used to add and improve shine in people with or without colored hair [3]

Hair glaze and hair gloss are both common hair products. However, they are not the same. Although both of these may improve the overall appearance, shine, and color of your hair, there are several minor differences that are worth noting. A hair gloss treatment is usually done in a professional salon, while a hair glaze treatment may be done at home as a short-term option. The results of a hair glaze tend to last only 1 week, while a hair gloss may last almost 4 weeks. [4]