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Pulmonary Embolisms – Symptoms & Causes

Pulmonary embolisms are blood clots that build up in the lungs. They would limit the amount of blood flowing to this essential organ and reduce the levels of oxygen in the blood. Over the long run, the condition might damage some parts of the lungs and affect other important organs in the body. Having multiple or large blood clots can even be life-threatening. Read on to learn some common symptoms and causes of pulmonary embolism.

5 Symptoms of Pulmonary Embolism

Chest Pain

One of the most typical symptoms in people with pulmonary embolism is discomfort or pain around the chest area. They might feel like having a sudden heart attack. It is caused when the blood clots restrict blood flow and increase pressure inside the lungs. The sensation is usually sharp and can be felt most clearly when you are breathing deeply. As such, the pain will prevent you from being able to have a deep breath. You can also feel the pain when you stop, bend, as well as cough. [1]