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15 Signs & Symptoms of Kidney Infection

Pyelonephritis or kidney infection is a type of infection in the urinary tract which initially occurs in the bladder or urethra and gradually moves up to the kidneys. In most cases, this condition requires immediate medical attention. Otherwise, it would lead to permanent damages to these important organs. When microorganisms penetrate your bloodstream, they would cause other infections in different body parts. This condition would be managed with the use of some homecare methods and antibiotics. Below are 15 common symptoms of kidney infection.

Loss of Appetite

Kidney infection would change the usual eating habits of many people. This condition often triggers inflammation and leads to higher temperatures in the body. As a result, the function of the enzymes in your taste buds would stop and can’t send signals to your brain. In general, these enzymes can only work in the temperature range from 77 to 100 degrees. Without a sense of taste, your overall appetite can be temporarily lost. This would result in unexpected weight loss and many other health issues caused by a lack of nutrients and energy. [1]