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Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

A urinary tract infection is caused by microbes, including fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It is one of the most common infectious diseases in humans. The condition can occur anywhere in the urinary tract, which consists of the urethra, bladder, ureters, and kidneys. Early treatments can help prevent serious digestive issues and speed up recovery. Below are some common symptoms of a urinary tract infection that you should know.

Urinary Urgency

When urinary tract infection happens, the surrounding areas will be affected by inflammation. As a result, the bladder can be irritated, thus making you feel the need to urinate more frequently and urgently. Even when you have just done it a few minutes ago, it can be more difficult to hold the urine. Make sure to notice the amount of urine since people with infection tend to have several drops coming out each time. Sometimes, you would feel the urge during the night and have to wake up to urinate. [1]