Kidney Stones Diet – Foods to Eat or Avoid

When calcium combines with some substances in the urine, such as phosphorous or oxalate, it would form kidney stones in your urinary tract. The condition occurs when the levels of these chemicals are so concentrated. The buildup of uric acid can be another cause. In both cases, these solid matters would be very painful to pass through urination. Your diet plays a key role in preventing and treating this health issue. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what foods you should eat and avoid to prevent kidney stones.

16 Foods to Eat in a Kidney Stone Diet

Calcium-Rich Foods

Many studies have shown that if your calcium level is too low, the amount of oxalate would increase. This might raise the risks of developing kidney stones. It is recommended to take in this mineral from foods instead of supplements to ensure better absorption. Some good food sources of calcium include cheese, yogurt, milk, and other dairy products. Many veggies can also provide this substance such as blackstrap molasses, seeds, dark green veggies, tofu, legumes, or nuts. When you have a sufficient amount of calcium, it will bind with oxalate to reduce the formation of stones in your urinary tract. [1]


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