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12 Healthy Dessert Ideas

Desserts are delicious, tasty, and flavorful. However, they seem to be harmful options when health is your top priority, whether it is because you are leading a healthy lifestyle or following a diet. From cookies and ice creams to puddings, these recipes tend to contain plenty of sugar, preservatives, or similar substances that would cause many health issues. Fortunately, there are many ways to satisfy your craving for sweetness without sacrificing your health goals. Let’s take a look at 12 healthy dessert ideas for your family and friends.

Cranberry – Chocolate Bark

Ingredients: dark chocolate, vanilla, almonds, sea salt (optional)

The combination of dark chocolate and almonds in this recipe is a winning combo. Antioxidant properties in dark chocolate can fight against belly bloat by minimizing slashing cravings and alleviating inflammation. At the same time, almonds are a perfect type of nut for losing weight. They contain a lot of iron and magnesium for improving your muscles.

Firstly, you need to stir the chocolate bar in a pan with a bit of water until it melts. Put almonds and vanilla into the pan, then pour and spread the mixture evenly on an even surface. Put in the fridge for one hour until the bar is set. [1]