10 Ways to Improve Kidney Function

Kidney disease is a more and more common health issue in the general population. The buildup of toxins and waste products would expose these essential organs to higher risks. Therefore, it is important to take care of them to improve the overall health and lower the chances of suffering from any serious complications. There are several things that you would do yourself to achieve this goal. Below are 10 simple yet effective ways to improve the function of your kidneys.

1Drink Alcohol Moderately

Drinking a lot of alcoholic drinks would damage your blood vessels, thus reducing the blood flows to the kidneys. As a result, these organs cannot get sufficient oxygen and nutrients to function properly. What is more important is that harmful components on alcohol would make your kidneys work harder to filter out toxins. That’s why heavy drinkers are at higher risk of developing kidney disease. Ideally, you should consume beer or wine in moderation, ideally around three to five portions per week. [1]


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