10 Symptoms of Kidney Failure

Human health is affected in different ways where you realize that there exist numerous illnesses and complications that affect us in our daily lives. Kidney failure is one of the most prevalent diseases affecting a large portion of the population. It is a dangerous disease also referred to as the last stage of renal disease. It means that the kidneys fail to reach a stage where they can’t function properly, and the individual or the patient can’t survive without intervention where they must have a kidney transplant or survive through dialysis. Here are the significant symptoms of kidney failure that you can need to check if you are a kidney failure patient.


Edema is a condition that occurs in legs, feet, and hands as a result of excess fluids containing toxins in the body tissues. When the kidney fails, it no longer able to remove excess salt from the bloodstream flowing around the body. The situation results in different complications including fluid retention in the lungs that contain excessive waste and toxins in the blood that leads to the destruction of many organs. Fluids containing excess salts will fill most parts of the body including the deep veins causing edema which is commonly localized in the legs. [1]


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